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Money Talks: Business English Expressions With Money

Category: Business English Skills, Language Training | 2018-11-09

I love a good idiom or turn of phrase, probably because they’re unique to every language. You can’t say things the same way between languages, and that’s part of what I think is so fun about them. There’s always something new to learn and expressions with money are no exception.

If you’re learning English for business reasons, then this is doubly true. There are so many idioms and sayings to learn for the business world, that it can certainly seem overwhelming at times. But not to worry! This week, we’re breaking down some of our favorite phrases that have to do with money.

Expressions with Money in English

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1. Put your money where your mouth is

If someone tells you to put your money with your mouth is, they mean to say to put whatever you say into action. It’s a good way to tell people to start acting instead of just talking about things.

For example: “John told him to put his money where is mouth is and get started on the project.”

2. On the money

When you hear the phrase on the money, then you can be sure you’re correct in your guess. It’s a fun way to tell someone that their information or hunches are correct.

For example: You’re right on the money when you say that we should act now.

3. Money talks

The phrase money talks doesn’t mean that money actually talks, but instead that money is advantageous. If you have money, you can get almost anything done. This phrase can also be used if you happen to be talking about a bribe.

For example: Well, the production company said it would take another five weeks, but we paid them some more, and well…money talks. Now they said they can deliver next week.

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4. Get your money’s worth

If you get your money’s worth from something, it means that you have gotten good value from something. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, a jacket that’s lasted for 15 years, or a long-lasting partnership with a client, everyone loves getting their money’s worth from something.

For example: I have really gotten my money’s worth from these shoes! They’ve lasted for years.

5. Be worth its weight in gold

When something is worth its weight in gold, it’s extremely valuable to you. This is a great phrase to have in your back pocket when you’re at the office and want to describe something valuable.

For example: This client has been worth their weight in gold to me.

6. Money doesn’t grow on trees

Growing up, my dad used to say this to me all the time. If I wanted a treat or something extra, he told me that money doesn’t grow on trees. This phrase means that money is hard earned, and isn’t to just be thrown away.

For example: Sorry, I can’t afford that right now. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know!

7. Foot the bill

Finally, this is a great phrase to know when it comes to business dinners or company Christmas parties. Why? Because when you want to treat someone to something, such as a dinner, you can tell them that you’ll foot the bill!

For example: Don’t worry, Mr. Smith, you don’t have to pay. I’ll foot the bill!




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Putting it All Together

Now that you know these great expressions with money, you are set to head out and start using them. There is no better way to make a phrase your own, than to use it often.

What other expressions with money do you know? Do they work in a Business English context? We’d love to hear them in the comments below! And if you would like to improve your Business English, sign up for our monthly newsletter. You will receive a 7-day FREE TRIAL of our online English course, where you will get more tips, articles and exclusive deals. Thanks for reading!



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