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Common Phrasal Verbs Used In Sales

Category: Language Training | 2018-05-17

If you’re in sales, you have a really important job (which we’re sure you’re already aware of). You are the point of contact for customers with your company, you help to represent your company’s vision, and you help them turn a profit. It could be said that a quality sales team is a core component of a good, successful company. With that being said, being a good sales representative means that you need to have a solid grasp of which words and phrases to use in order to reach your sales goals. If you have customers in English, but aren’t a native speaker, learning these phrases can sometimes be a daunting task. We’re here to help, though, with a list of 15 phrasal verbs used in sales.

We’re keeping it quite easy this week, so take a look below for phrasal verbs you can use in sales, their meanings, and an example of how to use it. It’s a quick study guide for when you’re in the heat of the moment!

15 Phrasal Verbs Used in Sales

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1. Cold call

What does it mean?: to cold call someone is when you call or visit a company without arranging a call or meeting first, when trying to sell them something.

For example: I cold called them yesterday, and they want to set up a face-to-face meeting next week.

2. Follow up

What does it mean?: to follow up with someone is to either call, email, or visit them again after a meeting or setting a plan, to reconfirm what you spoke about.

For example: I met with John yesterday about placing an order, so I’m going to follow up with him today to make sure I have the right amounts.

3. Call back

What does it mean?: to call someone later because you are either busy or are unable to speak with them when they call you.

For example: Hi Steve. Can I call you back in about 15 minutes? I’m in a meeting right now.

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Nobody ever said it was easy!

4. Sort out

What does it mean?: to organize or fix something.

For example: Don’t worry about your order. I’ll sort it all out for you.

5. Look into

What does it mean?: to look something up or find details about something.

For example: I don’t know all the details of the new product right now, but I’ll look into it for you as soon as I get back to the office.

6. Deal with

What does it mean?: to handle or work on something.

For example: I’ll deal with the logistics of your order this afternoon.

7. Drop in

What does it mean?: to make an unexpected visit.

For example: I’m in town next week, and I might drop in on my customer there if I find the time.

8. Break down

What does it mean?: to explain something or to divide something into smaller parts.

For example: Could you break down your invoice for me, please? Something seems to be off.

9. Cut down

What does it mean?: to reduce something or make something less.

For example: Due to a smaller budget, they’ll be cutting down their order for next quarter.

10. Cut out

What does it mean?: to completely remove or erase something.

For example: Unfortunately for us, my top customer is cutting out unnecessary spending, which means they might not place an order for next year.

11. Find out

What does it mean?: to discover or find information about something.

For example: We haven’t launched this product yet, so I don’t know what the price is, but I’ll find out for you ASAP.

12. Break into

What does it mean?: to enter something, usually with effort or force.

For example: I’ve been travelling to Beijing a lot in the past few months, because we’re really trying to break into the Chinese market.

13. Close down

What does it mean?: to stop operating.

For example: One of our factories is closing down, so we’ll have to see how we can make up for the demand.

14. Run out of

What does it mean?: when something is out of stock, or if there is no more of something.

For example: We’ve run out of that, but it should be back in stock next week.

15. Note down

What does it mean?: to write something.

For example: Ok, you want 200 pounds of this product. Let me just note that down.






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Putting it all together

Are you in sales? Are there any other phrasal verbs you use on a regular basis? Share them with us in the comments below!

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