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Say Thank You Like A Pro

Category: Language Training | 2018-03-29

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so why not let them know that they are? Saying “thank you” can be particularly helpful in the business world, and telling someone you appreciate them, their work, or the information they gave you can help build strong, sustainable business partnerships. There are many different ways to say thank you in business writing, and of course, each depends on the situation at hand.

When you send an email, take the time to use some of these ways to say thank you either at the beginning or end (or both!) of the email. Most native English speakers consider a little bit of “small talk” in an email to be polite, even though it may not be so “direct.”

Here are some ways to say thank you to help improve your business communication:

6 Ways to Say Thank You in Business Writing

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1. Thank you for your email from…

Let’s say someone sent you an email on Friday, but you didn’t get the chance to reply to it until Monday. You can say, “thank you for your email from Friday” after the salutation. This lets the reader know that you noticed that they had sent an email that you haven’t replied to yet, and might even jog their memory as to what it was about.

2. Thank you for contacting me.

Did a new potential client get in touch with you about working together? Have you received an email with a question about your job or the services you offer? Then you can say, “thank you for contacting me.”

It’s a nice, neutral opening to an email and can be used in almost any situation.

3. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Everyone loves someone who replies quickly! Why not show your appreciation? You can use this phrase whenever someone gets back to you quickly, especially if you had an urgent request.

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4. Thank you for the information.

If someone sent you the exact information you needed, why not thank them for it?

Important note: I hear “he sent me the informations” very often from non-native speakers. In English, information is what is called an uncountable noun (like money or milk). This means that its plural does not function like a normal noun, and the word you use for the singular form is also used for the plural.

For example, information can be one piece of information, or many pieces of information. Milk can be a little milk or a lot of milk. And money can be some money or a lot of money.

5. Thank you in advance.

This is a great phrase to have up your sleeve. It is particularly good to use if you’re asking someone to complete a task.

For example: “Please have this task completed by Friday. Thank you in advance.” OR “We are very glad to be working on this project with you, and would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation.”

6. Thank you for your understanding.

Sometimes you have to cancel a meeting, a project, explain why something is delayed, or deliver bad news. Using this phrase is a helpful way to do so.

For example: “Unfortunately, I have to cancel today’s meeting, as I need to stay home with my son. Thank you very much for your understanding.”






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Putting it all Together

So we would like to send YOU a big thank you for reading our blog on ways to say thank you this week. Whether it is for a business letter, email or writing for personal reasons, knowing how to say thank you is important.Before you go, leave a comment about how you say thank you at work or in your business emails. Thanks in advance!

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