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How To Improve Your Language Level

Category: Language Training | 2019-03-07

If you’ve been learning a language for a few years, you may be at a point where you feel stuck. You may be feeling that you can’t move past a certain point, that you’re not progressing to the next language level, or even that you’re getting worse. I’ve been there, and I’m sure many other language students have, too.

It can be difficult to feel that you’re making progress when you’ve been learning a language for a long time. But if you feel like you’re in a rut, there are a few things you can do to move up a level and make progress with your language skills.

How to Move up a Language Level

Moving up a language level takes commitment, but it’s so worth it! If you’re ready to move up a level, here are some things you can do:

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Take Private Lessons

Group language lessons are always a great way to start learning a language, but nothing beats one-on-one lessons when you want to advance. Private language lessons give you some advantages that you can’t get when you’re in a group.

Private lessons can give you individualized attention with lessons that are tailored to your needs. Having time each week with a teacher all to yourself will help you make extreme strides in your language learning. The teacher can help you with any sticking points you may have, as well as any questions you may not have had time to ask in a group class.

Use Media

Reading, watching the news, and even watching Netflix can help you move up to the next language level. Use the media you have around you to your advantage. It will help you hear how the language is spoken by native speakers, how it’s written, and how the language flows. You may even pick up some new turns of phrase!

If you’ve been reading children’s books or young adult novels in your second language, it may be time to step it up and start reading harder literature. If you’ve been watching Netflix with subtitles, try turning the subtitles off. The more you challenge yourself, the more opportunity you give yourself to learn. Try it out and see how you advance!

language level


Have you ever tried thinking in your target language? What about talking to yourself? This is a trick I use when learning a language: think in the language you want to learn, and when you talk to yourself, speak in that language. It’s a great way to practice, since you’re not talking to someone directly. If you’ve ever been nervous about speaking in a foreign language in front of other people, this is a great way to get around that.






your personalized level

Putting it All Together

It’s totally normal to feel stuck in your language learning, but don’t worry about it! There are so many ways you can advance to the next language level. Sign up for private lessons, read, watch the news, read a book, or watch a movie, or even think and talk to yourself in the language you’re learning. You’ll be very happy you did when your language skills advance!

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