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In-House Language Training – Why Wouldn’t You?

Category: Language Training | 2019-02-15

When considering whether or not to offer language classes for your employees, there are a lot of things to consider. You need to find the proper language school and figure out available times for classes. And not least of all, you have to figure out a budget that meets your needs.

But before you get all bogged down in the details, just keep in mind all of the benefits your business and your employees will reap from having in-house language training. Here are just a few!

The Benefits of In-House Language Training

Improve Your English Vocabulary


Business English Training


What could be better than having a teacher come to you? Nothing! One of the biggest benefits to having in-house language training in your company is having the teacher come to your company and work with your employees there.

This also helps to save your company on travel time and travel expenses, as your employees will only have to go down the hall instead of across town for class.

Team building

This is one of the biggest, most unexpected benefits you can get from in-house language training. Offering language classes to your employees in the office helps bring together people from all different departments that might never interact with each other. This helps to bring your team closer together as they get to know their colleagues.

Even if they’re taking classes with people they see every day and already know well, then they’ll get to know each other better in a new environment, which can help them work stronger as a team.

in-house language training, business english hamburg



Having an in-house language trainer is an excellent way for your employees to learn industry-specific vocabulary of their jobs. How?

The trainer will work with your employees in their own environment, where they can focus on job-specific problems. For example, your employees can go over emails with the trainer, specific vocabulary they need for the business, or even review presentations.

Instead of your employees being in a class with people from different businesses and industries, they will be all set and ready to focus on what they need to know for their job.






your personalized level

Putting it all together

So, now you’re thinking about starting language courses at your company. There are a few excellent benefits to having in-house training. It’s more convenient for both your company and your employees, it promotes team building, and the lessons can be tailored to your employees and their needs.

Make sure to get in touch with us to find out about our in-house language training programs!

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