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Technology for educational use has changed the way in which people learn and access education. This applies to languages as well. Online language courses have given people the chance to learn a foreign language in a new way. We here at the MacPherson Language Institute feel that education should come from many different sources. Therefore, we now offer online language courses as an addition to your language learning plan. We strive to personalize education for each student, so that they can learn in the most efficient way for them.


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Gymglish, Online Language Courses, Learn English Online

Online Language Courses, Gymglish, Learn English Online

Online Language Courses, Frantastique, Learn French Online

Online Language Courses, Frantastique, Learn French Online

Which Online Language Courses?

We have partnered with the creators of gymglish and frantastique to offer you top quality online language courses. These courses provide an easy-to-use method so you can learn a language in the comfort of your home or office. Receive an email each day with a 10 minute lesson, which features business content, humour as well as different accents. After your lesson, you will receive an email with your corrections. Nice and simple!

You have the choice to learn English or French with our online language courses. For a fun and interesting look at the English language, try out Gymglish. If French is more your style, give Frantastique a shot. Both programs take a fun approach to learning a language. So, sign up for the 7 DAY FREE TRIAL and see how easy it is to learn a language online!

Why Online Language Courses?

There are many reasons why online language courses could be the right fit for you. First, the most common argument for starting a course online is freedom. Learning a language online gives the student flexibility and the convenience of setting their own schedule. Students can access their course at any time and from anywhere. This gives parents, working student and professionals the chance to learn no matter what their schedule.

Another important reason why online language courses are an ideal way to learn a language is time. Recent studies have shown that having time to absorb the material greatly enhances the student’s ability to learn. The studies also show that learners spend more time on task when learning online. With online training, students can go at their own pace and look at difficult material a second or third time.

Furthermore, technology is also making education more personalised. Users are now able to pinpoint their exact needs. They can tailor a lesson to learning the basics for a holiday abroad or targeted business training. With complex algorithms, the online course will learn what the student’s needs are and where they should practice most. Naturally, the student is also able to hand pick which methods of training they like best.

Finally, and most important for many students, online language courses offer an affordable choice for learning a language. Students can save money by cutting down on expenses for transportation, babysitting, as well as textbooks. All the materials are provided in our online courses. You simply need an email account and the will to learn. 

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