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The Training Team!!!

The strength of the MacPherson Language Institute lies in the quality of the teachers. The team of language instructors at MLI is made up of highly trained native speakers from around the world. They have come from Canada, England, USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and of course, Germany. Here in Hamburg, they have found themselves teaching some of the most dynamic global companies in the world. It is with great pleasure that they work day by day with industry leaders to help them succeed in the international market.

Native Speakers

Each and every trainer on the staff is a native speaker with a certificate in second language teaching. Furthermore, they all have extensive experience teaching in and out of Germany. Understanding the needs and cultural background of our clients is essential to helping them reach their goals. This is true whether they are Germans looking to expand into foreign markets or ex-pats looking for a new home in Germany.


The teachers at MLI are not only experienced native speakers, but they are also experts in Business language. They offer specialised training on topics such as Negotiations, Telephoning, Meetings and Presentations, as well as Finance and Accounting. Many of the teachers have a background in business that they can call upon when teaching business classes. 


The Translation Team!!!

Not only are the teachers strong, but the team of translators at MLI is second to none. They are qualified industry professionals with native speaking backgrounds in German, French and English. Moreover, the team consists of dedicated translators for legal documents, marketing, scientific papers, web copy and more. As well as the permanent translation team, we have a network of freelancers we can call upon for specialised technical support.


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