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Bad Grammar Affects SEO – Who Knew?

Category: Language Training | 2019-03-29

Everyday I use Google search. And I am sure you do too. As a language teacher and grammar nerd, one thing that drives me crazy is bad copy. Whether that is ad copy or directly on the website. Today, one of our readers directed me to an incredible study on how bad grammar affects SEO. The results of the study were astounding.

How Bad Grammar Affects SEO

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Direct Effects of Bad Grammar on SEO

Bad grammar affects SEO in several ways, both directly and indirectly. Let’s have a look at the direct effects first.

Lower CTR

One of the first, and most crucial effects that bad grammar has on your SEO efforts is a lower CTR. According to the study, Google ads received up to 70% less clicks when grammar errors were present. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to see that this will affect your overall number of generated leads.

Bounce Rate and Time on Site

Another interesting result of the study was the effect that bad grammar and poor spelling had on bounce rates and the time on site. Typos on the landing page increased the bounce rate by 85% and reduced time on site by 8%. Both of these are major factors in the ranking of your page.

bad grammar affects SEO

Indirect Effects of Bad Grammar on SEO

While the consequences of bad grammar have a direct bearing on your SEO, it is actually the indirect effects that are the most urgent. Let’s have a look.

Lower Ranking is SERPs

If we look at all the numbers in the study, it is clear to see that bad grammar affects SEO. All the factors above, from CTR to Bounce Rate, play a role in ranking your site and your ads. And your page ranking has numerous effects on the success and budget of your SEO strategy. This downward spiral of lower rankings turning into less clicks, causing even lower rankings is killing your SEO.

Cost of Ads

As your ranking goes down along with the factors contributing to that ranking, the associated cost of your Google ads goes up. On average, your ads will cost 12% more. However, it went up as much as 72% in Britain! That is a lot of money over the course of a year.

Lack of Trust

It has been proven time and again that customers buy from companies that they trust. For me, this is the most important factor in having quality copy on your website and in your ads. It certainly matters to me when I decide which sites to click on. If a company can’t put in the effort to write decent copy, how can I expect them to put the necessary time into their product or service? And beyond that, if they don’t care what goes into their web copy, why would I think they would care about customer service?

bad grammar affects SEO, Looking for a language school

What You Can Do

So, now we have identified the problem. How do you fix it? Here are a couple of solutions.

Hire Better Copy Writers

One simple method of improving your copy is to hire better writers. This may mean outsourcing your copy jobs to freelancers or small firms. This will cost money initially but will save you a bundle in the long run. Better ad copy means cheaper and more effective ads, which lead to more sales. Better web copy on your landing pages will build more trust with your customer base. It may be hard to put an exact dollar value on this, but it will definitely be worth improving.

Hire a Proofreader

Maybe you don’t want to outsource you copy writing. You may have a small business or you may want to utilize the passion your staff has for your brand. I can understand that.

But send your text out to a professional proofreader to go through your text. Not only will they be able to correct any spelling or grammar mistakes, they may have suggestions for improving the language. We often work with companies to improve their web text and their story telling. The ability to connect with your audience is paramount to moving leads through your sales funnel.

Offer Language Training

If your company is based in Europe, there is a good chance your marketing staff is comprised of non-native English speakers. Business English lessons are probably the most cost-effective solution to the problem.

The benefits of language training are far-reaching. They range from team building to improved problem-solving skills. Add to that the improved ad prices and CTR, your sales will improve and generate more than enough revenue to offset the price of language training.






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Putting it all Together

Bad grammar affects SEO. Spelling and grammar mistakes are raising your ad costs and lowering your SERP placement. Start improving your ad copy and web copy today. You will see the improvement in your online marketing right away.

If you are interested in Business English training for your marketing team, get in touch with us. We would love to help! No time for in-house lessons, sign up for our monthly newsletter. You will receive a 7-day FREE TRIAL of our online English course. You will find more tips, articles and exclusive deals.



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