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Learn English At Work? Yes Please!

Category: Language Training | 2019-01-24

Having your employees learn English during working hours may seem like it’s unproductive, as you’re losing precious work time. However, you might just find the opposite to be true! There are so many benefits to learning English, especially during work time. While that might seem counter-intuitive, we’re sure that once you start running English lessons for your employees, you’ll never look back!

Why Use Work Time to Learn English

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1. Speak the Language of Business

Put quite simply, English is the lingua franca, particularly when it comes to business. It’s difficult to get by without it in business if you’re working at an international level. If your employees are going to be doing any sort of business at an international level, whether that’s going to trade shows, conferences, or even just taking phone calls from international clients, it’s important that they’re able to communicate.

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2. Be More Competitive

If you provide English courses for your employees, you’re ensuring that they are able to attend classes and that they’re able to find the time to attend. This in turn will give your business a leg up over your competitors who don’t offer language classes.

If you can guarantee that your employees are more prepared to work in English than a competitor, an English-speaking customer is more likely to choose your business to work with over someone else’s.

3. More Well-Rounded Employees

Study after study has shown that people who speak more than one language think differently. They’re better at remembering lists and sequences, and have a higher ability to focus than their monolingual counterparts.

If that’s not a reason to have your employees learn English during work time, I don’t know what is!

4. More Connection

Workplaces are much more comfortable when they’re harmonious and everyone gets along. A good way to encourage this is by having your employees spend more time together. What’s a good way to do this during work time? You guessed it…. language classes!

If your employees are all in a room together for at least one hour a week, they’ll have more contact with each other and therefore get to know each other better. This is also good as a team building exercise! They’re working out a problem together, working on their discussion skills, learning, and finding new ways to work as a team. What could be better than that?






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Putting it All Together

If you are considering entering a foreign market or looking to improve the skill-sets of your team, contact us. We would love to talk with you about how our language classes can help with teambuilding while making your company more competitive. The benefits of language learning are far-reaching and offer a great return on investment. Do it for your team and do it for your business.

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